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Kevin Meyers <kevinmeyers@...>

I put your formula in my spread sheet and it works. Maybe add sum to the formula. Like:




Both ways worked in my spread sheet.




From: <> On Behalf Of Shirley Tracy
Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2019 2:11 PM
Subject: Need help with an Excel formula


Hi Listers,


First, I do not fully know how to use Excel like many of you who probably use it for work. But I do use it for keeping our Writers Club’s roster and my bank account spread sheets. I used to have a formula that I could use in keeping a spread sheet of my bank debits and deposits—balancing my account. The formula I was given was =(E3-D3)+F2 and it helped me keep account of the totals when putting in debits and credits. Used to work great. Now, however, when I start a new monthly spread sheet, I get a message that the formula I key in is an error. I don’t know if something has gotten erased from the formula I had in my original file, or if the formulas have changed over time. Otherwise, I have no need to learn Excel. Can someone just please help me with this formula or tell me what might be wrong?


Thank you.







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