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Ann Byrne

The OpenBook setting doesn't really maintain the format despite what it says. If I needed something exact, I would go with a commercial program like Abbyy fine reader or Prismo. Or even the native ocr package that comes with your scanner.
or At 11:26 AM 9/15/2019, you wrote:

IN Openbook, there is an exact view setting that tries to maintain the original format.
So depending on if you want it to maintain columns or not, there is another setting for that.
I don't have it installed right now so I can't check.


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a slight correction and some other info:

when pressing numpad 6, make sure the numpad is set to the reading keypad (insert+numpad - (it's a toggle that cycles)). to save the configuration, press alt+t and then v and enter if there's only the default configuration. you can setup (I don't know if there's a limit) custom configurations taylored to your needs. you can switch to a custom configuration manually after starting K1000 (alt+t and then l, arrow to the configuration name and enter). I don't know if there's a way to automatically load a custom configuration instead of K1000 starting with the default configuration.

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Subject: Scanning a document in K1000 and Open Book in K1000, numpad 6 will toggle between column identification between being enabled or disabled. toggle it to disabled. if you want, don't forget to save the configuration so the setting persists.

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Subject: Scanning a document in K1000 and Open Book Hi,

Does anyone know if there is a setting which can be altered in the latest versions of either K1000 or Open Book so that the display on the screenor the saved document matches the layout of the original material?

I need to scan some technical material and have the result match the layout of the original document.Currently the lines are joined and all over the place which is vastly different from the original document.

Can anyone help?




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