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Glenn / Lenny

You will want to take the quotes out of this.
Also, mine work better if I keep the M3U file in the same folder as the music and remove the part of the path of each song up to the folder where the music folders are.
Make sure that the folders don't start with a backslash.

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Subject: Re: Does the latest ITuneds work with JFW 2019?

Is there an m3u file?

Or is that just too old school.  Windows Media used to use m3u files to run the playlist.

I just do them on my iPhone, so probably out to lunch here.





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I have tried this and it does not work for me.

It produces an error message no matter what media player I use, VLC Groove Music etc.

Below is the contents of the m3u file I created.

Can anybody tell me why it does not work?

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\01 - Eat For Two.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\02 - Please Forgive Us.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\03 - The Big Parade.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\04 - Trouble Me.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\05 - You Happy Puppet.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\06 - Headstrong.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\07 - Poison In The Well.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\08 - Dust Bowl.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\09 - The Lion's Share.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\10 - Hateful Hate.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\11 - Jubilee.mp3"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\AlbumArt_{04A56B10-1DCC-451B-A74C-9C3E22E60628}_Large.jpg"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\AlbumArt_{04A56B10-1DCC-451B-A74C-9C3E22E60628}_Small.jpg"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\AlbumArtSmall.jpg"

"F:\Drop\Dropbox\Music\10,000 Maniacs\Blind Man's Zoo\Folder.jpg"



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From: Glenn / Lenny
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I find it pretty easy to make a playlist using NotePad and copying the path of the files I want in the playlist.

Shift + applications then the letter A copies the full path of the file for the playlist and then I paste that in NotePad.

I actually use control + space bar for all the files in a folder before doing the copy path command, so I can copy the path of a bunch of files at once.

Then when I'm done and save the TXT file, I exit NotePad and rename the file extension from TXT to M3U.





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Kevin,  I use Winamp all of the time and I have created lots of play lists with it.  It is totally keyboard accessible.


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From: Kevin Meyers

Sent: Friday, September 13, 2019 5:56 PM

Subject: Re: Does the latest ITuneds work with JFW 2019?


Does Winamp or Groove allow one to create playlists?


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Hi. I wouldn't wish ITune for Windows on my worst enemy.  Stick to Winamp or Groove Music or Windows Media player even and they should do a more then adequate job of allowing you to organize your music collection.  ITunes is excellent on the mac, but  a horror on windows.  Cheers!

On 9/14/2019 2:07 AM, Kevin Meyers wrote:

I started to use ITunes with Jaws 2019 and doesn’t work to well. I have a hard time with the playlists I created to show. Then when I navigate around eventually a certain playlist shows. At least I thought it did. Then I press enter on the play button and it plays a song in a different playlist. Is there a way to change something in Jaws settings or ITune settings to get it to work better?


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Subject: Re: Does the latest ITuneds work with JFW 2019?


It isn't any worse.

What areas are you most concerned with?




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On Sep 13, 2019, at 9:10 AM, Ralph Supernaw <rhs@...> wrote:



I have been putting off letting ITunes update to the latest version.  Before I do I thought I’d find out if I will regret it.




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