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David Griffith

It is a little fiddly to get iTunes into Songs view as iTunes can be pretty laggy and you might have to tab to get to the sort order where you should hear albums if it in default view.


Try  tab and shift tab in the library sidebar view table until you hear album. As soon as you hear album then try pressing the down arrow to change this to songs.

If your iTunes is slow it may take a little time to respond. Keep on pressing jaws up arrow to check where you are.

It really does work but if your iTunes is laggy then as I say it is a little fiddly.

Once in songs view then pressing control B should turn column browser on. You should then in the view menu find there is a column browser menu item which will allow you to customise the column browser – decide for example if you want the Genre column set.

It might be  also be  worth checking you have full keyboard navigation set in your iTunes preferences. There is more information on this and the Column Browser on


In terms of accessing your iTunes music with VLC this is straightforward.

  1. Find your iTunes Media folder which is normally in your Music folder, under iTunes media there will be a music folder and in there you should find all your downloaded iTunes music.
  2. If your music is not there you need to download it. In column browser navigayte down the artist column, first letter navigation should work, then tab across to the relevant album, and then finally tab across to the songs column. Press control a to select all songs, then press the application key and w  to download all the songs in the album. You will find the music in iTunes Media Music artist name then album name and finally the songs in m4a format which VLc will play happily.
  3. David Griffiththe the artist




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From: Kevin Meyers
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Subject: Re: Does the latest ITuneds work with JFW 2019?


After you purchased songs using Itunes, how do you get VLC to see the songs? What version of Itunes are you using? I have the most recent version and navigating is nearly impossible. I couldn’t find what you suggested below. Thanks, Kevinthem


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I must admit I don’t use  playlist at all with iTunes but for standard album playing the normal iTunes advice for use with screenreaders is to change the default album view to songs  view in the sidebar table.

You can then enable column browser which will sort  and organise your iTunes library into easy columns of artist albums and songs, and Genres also it you wish though I normally disable this particular column.

Column browser view is only available once songs view has been enabled.

Whether this helps with playlists I am not sure.

Basically I use iTunes as a shop and for iTunes Match and little else, preferring to use VLC for my actual music playing.

David Griffith.

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From: Kevin Meyers
Sent: 13 September 2019 19:07
Subject: Re: Does the latest ITuneds work with JFW 2019?


I started to use Itunes with Jaws 2019 and doesn’t work to well. I have a hard time with the playlists I created to show. Then when I navigate around eventualy a certain playlist shows. At least I thought it did. Then I press enter on the play button and it plays a song in a different playlist. Is there a way to change something in Jaws settings or Itune settings to get it to work better?


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Subject: Re: Does the latest ITuneds work with JFW 2019?


It isn't any worse.

What areas are you most concerned with?




Always look out for #1, and be careful not to step in #2. 



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I have been putting off letting ITunes update to the latest version.  Before I do I thought I’d find out if I will regret it.





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