moderated Absolutely Essential Information to Share When You Have an Issue and How to Get It


Lately, on several groups including this one, there are folks requesting help where very little information other than "the problem behavior" is provided.  It is really impossible for any assistant to even begin formulating a response unless they know the actual computing environment in which said problem behavior is occurring.  It makes no sense to guess about any of these essentials, and they're very easy to get and provide when you have an issue you want help with.

Absolutely Essential Information to Share When You Have a Problem and How to Get It

1.        Operating System Details: 

a.       Run the winver command, you can do this using the Windows Key, typing it then hitting enter

b.      Using Windows Key+R, typing winver in the edit box then hitting enter

c.       Opening Command Prompt and entering winver

You will then get a pop-up window giving you the Windows Version, Build, and Edition.


2.       Screen Reader Version

a.       NVDA:          NVDA+N,H,A

b.      JAWS:            JAWS+J,ALT+H,A


3.       Software Version:  This will vary to some extent, but for the vast majority using the Help menu, About option will give you this information.  Very often ALT+H,A.


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