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I created dozens while working for the state of TN, but as Word versions evolved, I lost the ability to access some of the form controls I needed. I gave up with version 2007- and don’t know if accessibility improved or deteriorated further after that.






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One can create perfectly accessible forms with Microsoft Word, but it seems virtually no one knows how to do it.

Here's a very simple one I created several years ago for someone working at a local school.  She needed to be able to fill out what they call "bus notes" that allowed a student to vary from the normal routine.

Every checkbox and form field is announced as you tab through the document that is created by using this form template as its basis.  Having it selected and hitting enter should open Word with "Document 1" having been created, which is an un-filled-out bus note.

Sample Bus Note Form Document Template (dotx)

There are many fillable PDF forms that are accessible, and others that are not because adequate labeling of the various checkboxes, edit boxes, radio buttons has not been done.  I don't have the software to create fillable PDF forms, though.


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