moderated Re: Does the latest ITuneds work with JFW 2019?

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Hi. I wouldn't wish ITune for Windows on my worst enemy.  Stick to Winamp or Groove Music or Windows Media player even and they should do a more then adequate job of allowing you to organize your music collection.  ITunes is excellent on the mac, but  a horror on windows.  Cheers!

On 9/14/2019 2:07 AM, Kevin Meyers wrote:

I started to use Itunes with Jaws 2019 and doesn’t work to well. I have a hard time with the playlists I created to show. Then when I navigate around eventualy a certain playlist shows. At least I thought it did. Then I press enter on the play button and it plays a song in a different playlist. Is there a way to change something in Jaws settings or Itune settings to get it to work better?


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It isn't any worse.

What areas are you most concerned with?




Always look out for #1, and be careful not to step in #2. 


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I have been putting off letting ITunes update to the latest version.  Before I do I thought I’d find out if I will regret it.



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