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The best way is make sure you are the administrator, and go to user account settings, and set it to use a password at logon.
You can also set it to require a password when resuming from sleep mode and you can put it to sleep when you leave it, and you can set the screensaver to require a password.
The last two options I mentioned can be found in power settings.

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Subject: Hi All Window locks Jaws 2019 Addison here

Hello All  I have desktop computer with window10 ,I have a someone to try to go on my computer to go on my computer to opened document,email and IE to facebook message to read my privacy without my permission and knowledge too. Even though I have computer turns off  and someone can turns on computer while I’m away from home for while ,Is there a way I can put windows locks with password or something where someone can go on my computer ?? If anyone have any suggestion for me ,I will appreciate your answer so much.

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