moderated Re: Where's that CD I just copied to my computer?

Tim Ford

Use the Windows search box, enter the title of the CD, and press enter. It should find that folder; arrow down through the list until you get to it. Press the applications key (right click or shift + f10 if you lack an applications key), and press enter on "go to folder", or something similar. That should launch File Explorer. Once that opens, you can use the F6 key to get to the path, and then you will know where Windows has been storing those ripped CDs.

Tim Ford

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Subject: Where's that CD I just copied to my computer?

Hi folks,

I have my computer set up to copy )rip( any audio CD when I insert it.
But now I can't find it. It goes to the windows 10 default location. Any
ideas how I can search for it? Thanks.


Lee Maschmeyer

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