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Glenn / Lenny

Hi George,
One thing you can do with Jaws is to press insert + number pad 2 while still holding the shift key, or before letting go of the shift key, this will tell you what is currently selected.
You mentioned that you checked to see what was highlighted, but I am not sure if you used the above command to check this.

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Subject: jfw and problem deleting more files than I want!!!;

Hi List-
Well I have noticed a problem with Jaws and deleting files.  I had four files on a thumb drive I wanted to get rid of.  I highlighted them and then hit the delete key.  Well, all my files, (not folders) were deleted from the thumb drive.  I was able to recover most of them, but it took a lot of time and work and worry!!!
I then tried it on another thumb drive with problem, worked great!
Then I went back to Jaws and happened again, although this time I was ok.  Anyone have this kind of issue?  BTW can anyone recommend a good back up program that works with Jaws.
BTW I am using Windows 7 (up to date) and the latest and greatest version of Jaws.  From now on...I think I will delete one file at a time, rather than multiple file delete.
BTW I used the following to delete:
shift...down arrow and then delete
and I checked and highlighted ONLY the 4 files to delete...thanks.


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