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JM Casey

In the Windows 10 calculator at least, there are loads of different modes and converters – it is pretty neat.


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It can also be switched to scientific functionality.


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I am assuming you are referring to the Windows calculator.  If not, disregard my message.


Once the calculator is open and you want to enter your numbers, I usually use the numbers above the letters, but I would assume you could use the num pad.  Anyhow the Plus is the plus on the top row.  The minus is the dash on the top row.  Multiply is the * above the 8 and divide is the forward slash at the bottom row.  Delete clears the field.  Enter acts as the equals.  You can perform with multiple numbers like 1 + 3+8 etc.  anytime you want to know what is the field information use the JAWS read current line hot key.


This works for both Windows 7 and 10.


I have never tried to go in more depth than this, so there could be more.


Hope this helps.






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Subject: Using calculator


Hi list,


I would appreciate if you could give me some basic instructions how to use calculator. I am using JAWS 2018 latest version.





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