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mike mcglashon

Hey guys:
I have experienced this phenomenon in law school with some websites;
The thing seems to be that the websites were designed in such a way that they do not expect nor allow keyboard input,
They are only looking for mouse clicks
I know this because I had sighted person use keyboard with no jaws on it, and still no dice with keyboard interaction;
But yet the mouse worked just fine.

Please advise as you like.

Mike M.

Mike mcglashon
Ph: 618 783 9331

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Couple things,
Try listing links and form fields, with F7 and if that does not work, use F5.
If neither of those work, try pass-key-through with Insert + #3 (above the E key).
After this is pressed, you can try space bar or enter.
You only get one pass-through with each action.
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Subject: links on web pages

Running Win 10 1903 and latest Jaws. I am coming up against links
that will not open with the use of the space bar or enter key.
Hitting enter on the link does nothing. This is on a web page that I
can not share for you to try. Is there another way to activate a link using Jaws?

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