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John Doering

Try this one...
Place your PC cursor on the link. Then use the move JAWS cursor to PC cursor key stroke. JAWS key lower left corner of num pad and upper right corner of num pad.
Then hit the num pad / key as a left mouse click.
See if that works.


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OK I used insert key F7 to get a links list and went to activate link and still nothing happens.
When I have sighted help use a physical mouse to click on the link a list of options opens more like a combo box. Any ideas as how to get to it with Jaws?

On 9/11/2019 10:51 AM, Don H wrote:
Running Win 10 1903 and latest Jaws.  I am coming up against links
that will not open with the use of the space bar or enter key. 
Hitting enter on the link does nothing.  This is on a web page that I
can not share for you to try.  Is there another way to activate a link using Jaws?

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