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David Diamond

I just used chrome and it worked fine accessing the website.  It did recommend using the screen reader user friendly website, however, it still recognized that it was me signing in and not someone who did not have an account. For the longest time I was using I E because it seemed to be easier creating shortcuts for websites on my desktop then putting them into a folder.  Using Firefox or Google seemed to be to convoluted and the long way around the bush.  Sometimes even that route did not work. I tried switching to chrome again a couple of days ago and so far, all seems to be good. I can access Facebook and Amazon with no problems.  One of the problems I had before was entering my password, Amazon rejected it claiming it was not the correct one even though it was.     


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Try using the accessible site at





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And yesterday, I had trouble accessing Amazon using JAWS 2019 with Chrome.  Every time I attempted to access the Amazon home page, Chrome would crash.  I was finally able to access it using Firefox 68.  But whenever I visit the Amazon site, something else seems to have been changed.  They just don't know when to stop tinkering around with the site, which probably explains all the problems that are being reported.





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Now that you mention it, I had trouble on Amazon the day before yesterday, I could not remember my password, I thought Chrome had held it, but I recently had to reset Chrome, so I lost the saved password and I forgot what it was, so in getting a temporary one sent to me, I could not activate a few of the buttons in the process, so what made it work was to press insert + F5 and find the button I needed and pressed enter on it from that list of elements.



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This is not directly related, but yesterday I could not check a necessary radio button on an Amazon order with JAWS.  I could do it with NVdA. This was using Chrome. I didn’t try Firefox to see if that improved things. In short, we need to be able to use at least two screen readers and two browsers these days.


You can also use Aira with its JAWS discount. If there is a feature you cannot access using JAWS, an Aira agent can help, even to the extent of remoting into your system with Team Viewer and clicking on necessary controls.




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Dear List,


I am using JAWS 2018 (professional) and Windows 10. I tried placing an order that was to be delivered to my daughter in San Diego, which I have done in the past. This time, however, I was not given the list of addresses to select from—only mine—and I couldn’t find any way to change the delivery from my house. Has anyone else had this problem? Is JAWS no longer seeing the place where you can select other address? I tried using IE and then Firefox.

I telephoned the Accessibility number but the very nice agent has no idea what’s happening. She can see my list of other addresses and has no idea why I couldn’t choose one.


Help would be appreciated.







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