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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Shirley,
Usually there is a "use this address" checkbox.
Which browser are  you using?
Chrome works well with Amazon, but I have found that IE crashes Jaws many times when I go to Amazon sites.

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Subject: Help with Amazon order

Dear List,


I am using JAWS 2018 (professional) and Windows 10. I tried placing an order that was to be delivered to my daughter in San Diego, which I have done in the past. This time, however, I was not given the list of addresses to select from—only mine—and I couldn’t find any way to change the delivery from my house. Has anyone else had this problem? Is JAWS no longer seeing the place where you can select other address? I tried using IE and then Firefox.

I telephoned the Accessibility number but the very nice agent has no idea what’s happening. She can see my list of other addresses and has no idea why I couldn’t choose one.


Help would be appreciated.







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