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That is odd, in Outlook Express and Outlook, by default it ignores quoted text, that is, the stuff we are replying to.
But if someone goes into the spell settings in these programs, you could inadvertently turn it on, because as you tab through, the first part is what to check, and before  you know it, you are in the part  for what to ignore, and you could change that to the behavior that we typically don't want.

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If you are asking if there is a setting to allow spell checker to ignore quoted material, then to my knowledge the answer is "no."

The first thing one should do in a compose window, if the bottom quoted material is not needed to retain context for the reply, is to delete it.  A CTRL+A followed by either the Delete key or backspace accomplishes this.   Then the only thing the spell checker has to check is what you've written.

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