Re: Petition on Price of Jaws in Third World

Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

If this patitian can be made official and we can get FS to look at it,
then I'll definatly sign it. If all of us do something extra we might
even get non jaws users to sign it by getting them to understand how
much it costs extra for a blind person just to use a computer. On the
other hand FS might just say they don't need to buy jaws they can just
use NVDA because it is availible as a free altirnative. If they don't
want to play ball the only way to force them would be to stop buying
there product, if a update comes out like jaws 14 no one must buy it.
Ok I know this is thinking ahead and a lot of people probably won't go
this far and big companies using jaws won't take part in something
like this but it's just a thought.

On 2/4/12, wogg le4 <woggle4@...> wrote:
Dear list,

I write to ask whether people would be prepared to support a petition
asking for the price of JAWS to be lowered, not for ourselves but for
blind people in the developing world.

The fact is that there are thousands, probably milions of blind people
around the world who cannot afford to buy JAWS or any other screen
This is a vicious circle for most, since without the independence that
computers bring, they will struggle to make money, to get a job, to
live the kinds of independent lives you take for granted.

I think a petition by JAWS users should carry some weight with the firm.

Let me know if you are interested.

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