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Hi Dean,

Appreciate your insights, too.  Maybe with all these great tips from the list, I’ll find the energy to tackle the important stuff I still have in paper braille.

I’m so glad this list is available.


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Subject: Re: jaws working with dictation software?


There are several options for dictation depending on how much money you can spend. I haven't tried dictation that comes with office 365, so if somebody else has, I look forward to hearing the result. It might accomplish what you want.

Outside of that, generally, one needs a dictation application, one that is able to turn voice text into print, and some ability to access that applications interface with the screen reader, mainly for making corrections. Windows comes with a free, built-in, dictation program, Windows speech recognition, and  you can also buy various versions of Dragon. Windows speech recognition is generally regarded as being inferior to Dragon.

In terms of accessing these programs with a screenreader, A program called Dictation Bridge has been written. It gives access to Windows speech recognition and Dragon,  and it is free. The development of its interface with NVDA is more advanced, but it is also said to work with jaws.

If you have a version of Dragon, and want to get the best quality screen reader interface, for simple dictation, you can buy J-Dictate from Hartgen Consultancy for work with JAWS.



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Subject: jaws working with dictation software?


Hi all,

I have lots of things in Braille that I’d like to put into word docs, pdf,  or even .txt docs.  Does anyone have any software they’d recommend?  I’d read the Braille files into the computer and save them somehow so they’d be accessible for cleaning up and saving in those document formats?


Has anyone tried dictating with the software that comes with office 365?  If so, how successful was it?




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