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JM Casey

Yeah, I don’t really know. I used Access a bit around 2002/03 and I’m prettys ure it was from Office 2000 or something. Well, I have it on my comptuer now courtesey of Office 2016, and it is completely different. I know it’s been a long time, but the programme see3med pretty easy to use previously – now I don’t seem to get much useful feedback and I really haven’t a clue. Granted, I only kind of poked at it vaguely. It’s sure nothing like what I remembered, though.

Sorry this reply isn’t too useful, but yeah, there may indeed be barriers that weren’t there previously.




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I’ve heard that access 2007 is the latest version that works well with Jaws?  Is this true?  Is the accessibility problem in the inputting of data and reading the fields, or in designing your data base?


How does Access work with NBDA?


Does anyone use a data base that works well with Jaws?  If so, which one?

Thanks much.



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