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As long as you are running version 1.19 or later of the Kindle app JAWS
should provide the same level of accessibility as what you're
experiencing with NVDA. I actually would not recommend downloading an
earlier version with Amazon's accessibility plug-in. If my memory is
correct that won't really give you full screen reader accessibility with
the virtual cursor, which is what you probably want if you're using JAWS
for reading your Kindle content. Did you download the app directly from
Amazon's Web site or did it originate from a third party site.

As a side note the one exception for when you would want to use an
earlier version is if you're using Codex, which allows you to convert
Kindle content into plain text format which will allow you to read the
content using other programs or even other devices, such as being able
to use Voice Dream Reader on your iPhone to read a Kindle book.

On 9/4/2019 3:16 PM, Richard B. McDonald wrote:
You must either 1) download and use the latest version of the app which is,
supposedly, accessible or 2) get the accessibility plugin for an earlier
version of the app. "1" is better, supposedly. No doubt, JAWS should
script this, or someone else.

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Hi all. After downloading Kindle books, JaWS reads nothing on the screen
while NVDA reads it all. Is there any way to improve JAWS'
performance with the Kindle PC app?

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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