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I know Freedom Scientific/Vispero put out some social media postings on how
Jaws works with Kindle for PC a few days ago, but I really don't use that
app so I didn't look into it. Perhaps it's on their site somewhere.
I've got an older version of Kindle for PC installed on a couple of
machines, but that's mainly for the purpose of just downloading the file so
that I can convert to a more accessible format with Codex.
While I’m a QRead user for eBooks, it would be nice to know if the Kindle
for PC app could also be used as an alternative. Often, you may want to make
a notation or highlight something, but with QRead at least, this isn't
possible. Don't even know if such a thing would be doable with Kindle, but
it would still be nice to know that there's another option out there.

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Hi all. After downloading Kindle books, JaWS reads nothing on the screen
while NVDA reads it all. Is there any way to improve JAWS'
performance with the Kindle PC app?

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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