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David Ingram

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On 2019-09-03 1:30 p.m., Randy Barnett wrote:

I hate it when people delete everything so that there is not any
context to their post. Brian is in charge of the archive on another
list so that does influence his opinion. Making someone Else's job
easier is not as important as understanding the message.

The difference is that Brian provides context for his messages. If
someone decides to delete messages because they are not responded to up
top, that is completely their choice. On a high traffic list, though,
having to delve through 20 quoted messages is worse than going back
through the list archives and viewing each individual message, by far.
Searching for a specific keyword is made pointless by the fact that each
and every message that is responded to with that keyword also is displayed.

how can I make sure that messages are being read? Hi i'm using webmail which makes a difference in whether you're receiving messages in a specific mannor. I know that when I had outlook, I never had these types of problems.

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