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On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 12:21 PM, Tyler Wood wrote:
is when a threaded topic begins to have multiple threads either because somebody changes the subject line minutely or because an email client isn't smart enough to continue said thread.
Just FYI, it really is almost always the subject line change.  As "archive administrator" for the Win10 group I am constantly re-merging topics.   It also drives me crazy when folks do something like, "Fixed:  Excel copy issue," when the topic had been "Excel copy issue."  People who've been following the topic will see a final message with the fix contained in it if they were interested in that topic at all.  When the subject line gets changed like this it splits off from the original, which makes later searching insanely more complicated and frustrating than just posting the message to the original topic would.

There appears to be some issue with the Windows 10 mail app, too, as I have noticed that after subjects get so long that replies almost always end up taking out a single space.  What I haven't yet taken the time to data collect on is whether this is after a specific character count.

I have always used, and will continue to use, interspersed quotation-reply-quotation-reply in instances where it would be insanely difficult to know what is actually being replied to were it all just at the top of a message.  I consider that a courtesy and it's so much easier to understand when essential context is preserved.  Even then, though, I trim out content from the quoted material that is extraneous, keeping only what's needed to supply context.

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