Moderated Re: Is This Problem a JAWS or a Browser Problem?


Hi Rick,
It may be that it is remembering your password, and when you type in your password, you are entering two instances in the same field.
Try doing control + A and then delete before typing in your password.
Sometimes it seems like nothing is there when you arrow in the field, but I think there sometimes is.

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Subject: Is This Problem a JAWS or a Browser Problem?

Dear Listers:


Over the weekend I upgraded my Internet browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome.  I am finding that whenever I open up Google Chrome and try to log in to certain web sites, even though I enter the correct username and password at the site’s log-on screen I will not be logged into the site and I wind up at the log-on page again.  I am using Google Chrome as my Internet browser.  I have made it my default browser.  I am using Windows 10 and the latest version of JAWS, JAWS 2019.  Is the reason I am not being logged in related to JAWS or is it a browser problem?




Rick Miller


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