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Is really useful. I’ve never bothered looking at the links at the end of our e-mails but can see how a couple of them could be very useful at times.

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Subject: - Controls you receive in every message as well as controlling the messages you receive to begin with


This message, obviously, is not JAWS related, but related to using, and for controls many may not know about.  I will post stuff like this occasionally, and it applies to any group you may be subscribed to.

Since these controls occur at the very end of a message, after the user's signature if they're using one, many people are unaware that they even exist.  You get these in every message that lands in your inbox from, and some of them are occasionally to frequently useful.  Others you'll probably never use whether you're an e-mail subscriber or web group reader.  I will place an asterisk ahead of the ones that you're likely to want to use on certain occasions, but will document all of them in the order they are presented.


View/Reply Online link with the topic number as part of the link -  Email users have no reason to use this because simply hitting reply allows them to reply via email.  If you want to use the web interface instead, then activate that link.


Reply to Group link - Again, not generally used by e-mail users since a simple Reply via e-mail does the same thing.


*Reply to Sender link - This one is really very handy.  If you want to reply to the sender and only the sender of that message via email, this is the way to do it.  When you activate that link it should cause your email client to automatically open a compose window with the subject prepopulated with the topic title and the to address being that of the sender of that message.  You can, of course, modify the subject as you see fit.  This makes private responses for any reason very easy to make.


*Mute This Topic link - Also very handy at times.  If a particular topic is of no interest to you or there's any other reason you don't want to receive any additional messages for that topic, activate this link.  It will block any additional messages from that specific topic being sent to you.


New Topic link - Email users will seldom, if ever, use this as you can just send to the posting address with a new subject to create a new topic.


Your Subscription link - if activated will open the subscription page for your account, if you are logged in to in your web browser.  If not, it will take you to  the login screen then directly to your Subscription page after logging in.


*Contact Group Owner link - if activated will open your e-mail client's compose window with the Owner address for the group prepopulated.  Saves having to type the owner address.


and, finally Unsubscribe link (which includes the e-mail address you're subscribed under as part of that link) - self-explanatory

The following does not apply to something you receive in every message, but is still important to know about.  Download and keep for your reference (pick your format):

Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from (docx)

Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from  (PDF)

Both describe how you, as a user, can exercise very tight control over what comes to your inbox from a given group in the first place.



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