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Jim Pursley

I didn't see an answer to your Excel question.  I  think that since beginning with JAWS 2018 column and row headers in Excel are managed through the ribbon menus or, more handily, on the applications key adjacent to the right control key.  The new method is taken from Excel itself and offers a permanent fix.   When in Excel position the cursor on the intersection of row and column (upper left corner).  Hit the applications key and arrow upward maybe four positions to Define Name.  Hit enter and type titleregion1..()and your right hand corner ending cell address).  This command sets the range of the rows and columns you are trying to hear.  tab through the other positions and hit OK.  Your headers should read normally.  When you save the spreadsheet you will save your column and row header verbosity.  Occasionally as in an older Excel spreadsheet the applications key won't have the Define Name option.  You'll need to go into the formulas menu and arrow down to Define Name and put the info mentioned above in the Name Manager.

Note that you can label the headings in a spreadsheet with multiple regions by specifying the far upper left and far lower right cell coordinates of each region.  Just position your cursor on the upper left intersection of row and column.

Earlier versions of JAWS used alt + control and R or C to specify row and column headers in addition to Quick Settings.   The R and C keystroke combo no longer works well in JAWS 2019 and above, maybe not in 2018 either; I don't recall when the changeover occurred.

The new method is vastly superior to any of the older methods as it's a permanent (until deleted) setting for your spreadsheet.  A spreadsheet originator can define names, too, so the readers need not go through the exercise.

On 8/31/2019 8:58 PM, Denise J Moses wrote:

How do I find out what version of Windows I have?  Is there a way to turn off automatic updates?  Every time it updates it screws up something with JAWS.  Now in Excel I can’t get it to read the title name of each column.  I go under quick settings & turn it on but it won’t stay checked on.  I am using the latest version of JAWS 2018 with Windows 10.

Thank you for the help.


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