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           Just remember that there are a plethora of Chromium-based browsers other than the Google Chrome browser.  It's worth trying out Brave, for instance, if privacy (and not having the browser itself be a data collection device) is of concern.  I've transitioned to Brave from Chrome for precisely that reason, and so far, with a few minor exceptions, it behaves as Chrome did.  So, for that matter, does Edge Dev.

            I agree, though, that not only is "best" a subjective descriptor, but it is entirely context specific.  Some websites work better in one browser than another, and some screen readers work better with certain websites using a specific browser.  The same is true in regard to screen readers, on certain programs or sites some "play better" with those than others do.

            You've got to be ready to use more than one browser and more than one screen reader, even if your proficiency with your second and third choices is not quite what it is when you're using your favorites.

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