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I have considered having someone read the screen for me, but the main computer I use is headless.
I have considered getting sighted assistance via TeamViewer for this particular task.
Too bad they don't just use a check box and a move-up and move-down button as I've seen before.
This just involves re-ordering the priority of data transfer between all the devices logged into my router.

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Drag and drop, at least via the mouse (which is how I use it), is drag and drop regardless of the locale in which the action is being used.  I cannot imagine this is any different for screen reader emulation of same.

But I do know from past experience that screen reader emulation of same is not necessarily consistent and takes a while to "get the hang of."   I have no idea whether you may have access to a sighted assistant, but it's often very handy to have someone with "eyes on" when you're first trying to get this to work so that they can confirm that the visual result is what is expected based on what you're trying to accomplish.   It also helps you to avoid a lot of experimentation where you can't be certain that things are working as expected (and where you can teach yourself what you don't want to reinforce).

I just remember that, when I can avoid it, I encourage my students to avoid drag and drop.  Sometimes you can't, but practicing how to do this is always more complicated and lengthy than a lot of other things related to screen reader use.

If anyone happens to know of a web page (or web pages) out there that's set up to allow someone to play with dragging and dropping those would be good to know about for practice purposes.   It's just not used all that often, and I don't have any that I can think of off the top of my head.

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