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If you look under the For Cursors and Mouse section of the JAWS Keyboard Shortcuts documentation, you'll find Drag and Drop there.

It's been ages since I last used it, but if memory serves, once something is selected it's a toggle where the initial activation starts the drag action and the second activation does the drop.  I also seem to recall that I needed to route the PC cursor to the JAWS cursor (Desktop:  INSERT+NumPad Plus, Laptop: CAPS LOCK+Apostrophe) so that the actual system focus is on the thing to be dragged before starting the process.  I could be wrong about that, though.

Desktop keystroke is CTRL+INSERT+NumPad Slash  and laptop is CAPS LOCK+Ctrl+8

I remember this being finicky, to say the least, and I cannot recall how JAWS tells you where you are in terms of where the drop would occur.  Playing around with it is going to be your best bet for eventually figuring out what must be done and in what sequence for a JAWS drag and drop to actually work.


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