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Amanda Crocker

For headsets, JAWS and Call Centers there are a lot of variables and a lot of things to consider, the biggest points are:


  1. Is going to be personal preference of the employee, are they ok with JAWS and the customer both coming in both ears? If so, and I’ve seen a lot of JAWS users use this method very effectively, then you can really use any quality headset. We use the Logitch USB headsets, they’re comfortable, decent quality, and fairly inexpensive.
  2. If they want JAWS and the customer to come through different ears then a headset that only has one earpiece and an earbud are relatively simple, if not very sophisticated solutions. You can then have your system sound come through the headset and route JAWS through the earbud.
  3. As far as I know there isn’t a super affordable way to split sound on a traditional 2 eared headset, especially if you’re going to use USB headsets, I could be wrong and just don’t know about it though. These are just some of the methods and tools I am familiar with.


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Subject: Re: Best headset for use with Jaws and call center


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Hi I have a great one. It is currently not in use. I’ll have it available for you to check out.  


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Subject: Best headset for use with Jaws and call center


Hi all,


I’m hoping someone here can help advise me on the best or some of the best models of headsets to use in a call center environment while using Jaws.


Thank you for any information you can give.


Paul Sandoval

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