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John Covici

I still think you should try spinrite, if your drive has failed, but
if the system does no longer see it, then you are out of luck. You
will need DOS software to use it, but it still works well.

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David Griffith wrote:

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I suffered the same issue many years ago and I learnt then to never never ever use an external drive as my sole data point for any files unless I was happy to lose them. I backup now on 2 drives and the cloud as well for the data I
most value.

If it is drive failure rather than accidental deletion I fear that your only option would be to submit your physical drive to a specialist data recovery company who could do a sector by sector data recovery.

This would cost however and it may be just be cheaper and more practical to try and recreate your lost data from other sources.

I hope that somebody else may be able to point you to accessible sector recovery tools but I do not think that they are straightforward as data may be spread all across your disc and it may be a mammoth task to recreate mp3 data files
from various parts of your disc sector.

David Griffith

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From: Marvin Hunkin
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Subject: how to get lost data from an external drive

Hi. Lost a lot of music, about 50 gb from an external drive.

How to get back the files, or is there a tool, where I could get the recycle bin icon on a external drive.

Any one in the same position.

Or have I just lost the files.

Don’t have a backup.


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