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On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 11:41 AM, The Iowa Gal wrote:
I agree with you about sighted assistance, which is what I finally had to do when I encountered this same situation on a job application. I know exactly what the original poster went through.
As do I.   As a tutor I've frequently encountered new "web objects" for which no conventional interaction techniques, as most of us know them, work.  The nature of the web is such that these will be perpetually being created and screen reader developers will perpetually playing catch-up, at least for the ones that end up lasting.

This is another case where self-advocacy in regard to lack of accessibility is really necessary.   If you (the generic you) do not inform the entities that have this stuff out there that it's posing an accessibility roadblock it is very, very highly unlikely that they will ever know it.   I am not saying it's right that accessibility is not taken into account in many cases, but it is a fact that this occurs, and the smaller the entity the more likely that they have no idea of how to fix that or even consider accessibility.   And even if a given entity has a virtually perfect track record on accessibility, just one change adding one of these objects where extensive regression testing focused on accessibility was not performed can allow it to get out there.  No one can fix what they don't know is broken, and if they're unaware of accessibility issues as part of design, you can bring that to their attention for the first time.

But, if time is of the essence, get sighted help or try to get the HR folks from the place you're applying on the phone.  One way or another there will likely be a way to get an application completed even if that means intervention by someone else to "fill in the blanks" while things are still inaccessible.


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