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I just checked.
You have exactly 17 choices for date format in Excel 2016.
If you want to define an entire column as a date column, go to the top of that column, press control+spacebar, then hit the application key, tab to the numbers format, arrow down to date, and either accept the default, or tab into the list of 17 options and arrow down to the one you want.


Always look out for #1, and be careful not to step in #2. 

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What do you mean by “Microsoft has its own whacky internal date format”? How a date is displayed in Excel is entirely up to what you select it to be, here are some examples of today’s date:


Friday, August 30, 2019




August 30, 2019










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Dear David & List:

Is the column you are entering dates in defined as being a date column?

Microsoft has its own whacky internal date format.

Brian K. Lingard


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Good afternoon all; perhaps someone can help me.  this is from one of my clients.


I wonder if you had a suggestion about a problem, I am having with excel. I have gone through all of the help info with no luck at all. I don’t know if you can help but here it is. Excel does not recognize date formats as numbers only as text. When I enter a date in a date column, I need it to be recognized as a date in order to sort them to put them in order. I have no luck in using the date value or value function getting an error that my formula is wrong. I have gone on the internet and have had no luck with and it isn’t a disability issue for Microsoft accessibility help. Is there something I am missing? Do you have any suggestions ?


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