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Ekstrand, Pamela A. -ND


I believe there was a way to change this through Settings, but I only can find how I did it manually quite a while back, so I don't know if his will work for you.

If you go to the address bar by hitting F6, erase everything after the, and then after the question mark, enter layout=light. That did it for me a while back. I can't remember if it is a permanent fix, though. I have been using chrome for outlook on the web lately, and it has the easier layout, at least for now (fingers crossed).

I hope this works for you. The other interface is really annoying.


From: [] on behalf of Marla Bernbaum via Groups.Io []
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 4:25 PM
Subject: Office 365 outlook on the web-light or accessible version

I've been using the light version of outlook on the web with I.E. 11 on my office Email (required by employer). Yesterday the accessible light version suddenly changed to the standard version. I believe this was because of a new update of the program. Does anyone have instructions for
switching back to the light version or other accessibility
suggestions? Instructions for switching to the light version that I
used in the past don't apply any more.
Thanks, Marla

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