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JM Casey

Thanks, Dean.

I consider myself a pretty adequate keyboard manipulator, but I’m looking at this book you mentioned, now. I guess you consider it a worthy investment?

I didn’t know about the keyboard assignments for the views, either, or that “draft” is the same as “normal”, or rather, that the former term has replaced the latter. So, this is all good.


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Let me try to sort this all out.


On the ribbon, draft view is alt+w, e.  Print View is alt+w, p.  Draft View can be invoked by the keystroke alt+ctrl+n unless that keystroke is being used by a Windows program, like NVDA, for launching. Draft view used to be called Normal View in the old days


Print View used to be called Page view, and can be invoked, again if no Windows shortcut using this keystroke has been created, with alt+Ctrl+p.


None of this affects the appearance of the format marks. In the Keyboard Manager, the command to which the keystroke ctrl+shift+8 is linked bears the cryptic name Show All.  It is a toggle, and those marks can be shown or hidden no matter which document view you use.  You can also toggle showing of some or all of those format marks in Word settings, alt+f, t, on the Display page. (D)


Should you be interested, the skills that enable me to figure some of this out can be gleaned in Windows Keyboard Power User Guide, available from




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I don’t think it is a toggle, so you would need another keystroke to invoke a different view.


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I experimented with this, because there are times I would want to see this formatting information. In a new document, I pressed the control-shift-8 and got the marks as described, but they did not go away when I hit this keystroke a second time. Moving from printview to draft view did make the marks go away. But did I miss something with the original keystroke, and also does this function available via the ribbon also?

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