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Gerald Levy

Not any more.  There will soon be a second list devoted to NVDA, just as a second list has been created for JAWS users. Apparently, the creator of the new NVDA list, who has had a long history of being argumentative and confrontational on every list he belongs to, was stripped of his co-moderator status on the original NVDA list because of complaints from other list members and so, like the creator of the new JFW Users list, he decided to get even  and start his own NVDA list, where he can be as confrontational as he wants. I won't mention his name, but anyone who belongs to the Blind Tech or Tech Talk lists knows who I'm talking about.


On 8/26/2019 5:34 PM, Mario wrote:
I agree. there should be one list for JAWS, just like there's one for
NVDA, Windows 10, Thunderbird, etc. questions.

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Subject: how does one join the new JAWS list

Sounds reasonable to me. Besides which, if there are 2+ lists
essentially covering the same ground, and a bunch of people are on
both/all of them, what’ll happen is that you’ll end up seeing the same
question repeated multiple times.

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OK, I hope that our estimable group owner here on this group will not
find what I'm about to do upsetting, but now I must:

Why, oh why, does there even need to be another JAWS users group on

It seems that all the refugees (for lack of a better term) from the now
defunct group that have landed on our shores have been welcomed to our
island.  Why on earth form another island, again, for information
sharing about exactly the same software that we share about here?  Why
not just come here and join our happy family?

What is the pressing need for JAWS user's groups two through N, at least
within any given language community? What am I missing?

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