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Chris Chaffin

I am not sure what you are exactly trying to do.   You said that Excel is not recognizing dates as text only.
Excel recognizes the contents of a cell depending on how you have the cell formatted.  How do you have the cells you are entering dates in formatted?  To change the format of a cell hit control and the number 1 on the numbers row.  This will bring up the format dialog box.  I would recommend changing the format of the cells to date to see if this helps you accomplish what you are trying to do.


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Good afternoon all; perhaps someone can help me.  this is from one of my clients.


I wonder if you had a suggestion about a problem I am having with excel. I have gone through all of the help info with no luck at all. I don’t know if you can help but here it is. Excel does not recognize date formats as numbers only as text. When I enter a dates in a date column I need it to be recognized as a date in order to sort them to put them in order. I have no luck in using the date value or value function getting an error that my formula is wrong. I have gone on the internet and have had no luck with and it isn’t a disability issue for Microsoft accessibility help. Is there something I am missing? Do you have any suggestions ?


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