moderated Re: how does one join the new JAWS list

David Moore

Hi Jessica!

The subscription address for Mike Capelle’s JAWS list is:

David Faren closed his list all of a sudden, because he said that people were giving him a very hard time with threatening emails and the like!

His list was getting too strict!

The new list is so much better already!

Almost 200 people have subscribed already!

Take care, Jessica!

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From: Hozefa Tambawala
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Subject: Re: how does one join the new JAWS list


Hi David,


Please share the subscription mail Id.


On 8/25/19, Jessica D <jldail13@...> wrote:

>> Hi, How do I join?

>> I'm very sad to hear about the closure of the other jaws list.

> Why did this happen?

> Thanks,

> Jessica


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>> On Aug 24, 2019, at 10:47 PM, David & his pack of dogs

>> <myguidedogis@...> wrote:


>> Here is an email being circulated widely.  Hello Lists,


>> Michael Capelle recently started the list in response

>> to

>> the closure of the list. I am the moderator of

>> this new list and am seeking new members in order to make it the best

>> resource possible for JAWS information.

>> I will do my best to keep topics on point while encouraging

>> communication.

>> But we need as many JAWS savvy users as possible in order to have the

>> best

>> knowledgebase. Hope to see you on the list.


>> Alan Lemly













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