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Tyler Wood

16 GB of ram is the new 8 these days and is well worth the bump in price and will be in the long term, too. An internet browser that used to take up a few hundred MB can now take upwards of 2, 3, and 4 gb depending on how many tabs are open. It's infuriating, if I'm honest. It seems like programmers are just slapping things together with little forethought of how it effects overall performance since, apparently, we have so many resources to give away these days. Who cares if it takes 500 mb of ram to open a simple chat program? You have 32 gb!

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I'd be inclined to agree, but then, I do most of my computer usage with a headset these days, and have a dedicated speaker system that used to be attached to a desktop for when I'm at home, so I honestly forget what the audio quality of my current rig is. LOL Still, most users--even most JAWS users--could probably get by with somewhere around 8 GB of memory as long as they've got a decent processor. However, most users are probably also going to want to consider upgrading in a couple years, at least the RAM. The same hardware won't run the same apps in the same way in 5 years, no matter how many times you wipe the drive.

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Performance is a relative term.
What sort of performance is being sought?
It's important to know where one is looking for improvements over their current system.
Whenever someone has asked me advice for buying a computer, my first question is, what are you going to be doing with it?
Gamers will benefit from a fast processor and performance video and a fast Internet connection, meaning the network card.
Others will benefit from a ton of storage. It may be good to have several internal large drives for storing media.
One thing here that has not been addressed, is the form factor of the computer being sought.
The keyboard may be tactilely bad, may not have needed keys for screenreader use, and the audio quality is too important.
I think these things are more important to look at than processor and video.

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I9 is a newer chipset than I7. 9th generation, I believe, though I may be slightly off on the naming scheme. Reviews say the performance difference between the two is fairly significant, though.

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More info on the Processor please: I am assuming I9 is a typo as I3, I5 and
I7 are what I am used to seeing. Then there are differences between various
I5 processors. I7 is for 3D video games and video editing and
I5 is more for business PC's like what we do. I have a 8th gen I5 K witch is an unlocked processor that can be ran at any speed I choose.
Currently I am running it at 4.0GHz. I have ran it as high as 4.3GHz.
But without water cooling in this rig I was worried about overheating although I didn't see any.

I3 is for cheap entry level PC's. Dont bother with them.

On 8/24/2019 10:33 PM, David Ingram wrote:

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Hello all.
Looking to purchase a new dell laptop computer. Here are the specs:
I9 processor
16 GB ram
256 GB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

I would like this computer to last me about six years. Are all of
these specs acceptable for running JFW? Is there anything else that I
should make certain a new laptop has for JFW use?
Appreciate any advise.

Thank you-

Don't forget about a usb keyboard just in case your laptop doesn't
have a full keyboard layout semular to a desktop system would but also
check to see if the ram could be upgraded to 64gb ram of course.
Remember you still have to allow jaws to have a significant amount of
ram to run in the background while other processes are going on.

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