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Tyler Wood

There is also Intel optane memory, which I have no experience with, but is supposed to bring ssd-like performance to mechanical drives over time by writing important files, such as boot files and often used programs, to said memory.
You can also get laptops with ssd's and mechanical drives in one, though they often times are bulkier and heavier, but sometimes that can be far from a bad thing especially if this is your primary machine. A beefier chassis usually equals better cooling and better heat dissipation, too, which usually means more longevity in the long run, since heat is the killer of most things in a computer.

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That depends on your use case. If your laptop's going to be your primary machine, an SSD probably isn't the way to go unless you can pair it with a mechanical drive for storage. In my case, for instance, I'd outgrow the SSD's in most of the laptops in the price range I'm looking at in about a month just by virtue of the fact I only have one machine, and it comes with me to and from work. I can still get a 1 TB mechanical and not break the bank, and make up for the performance hickups in other ways--slightly faster processor, or more RAM, for example. SSD is great and all, but their prices still need to come way, way down.

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The i9 is, in fact, not a typo, and is far ahead of its time. In a laptop cooling just isn't enough. In desktops not so much - but in the laptop form factor it is a 45 wat chip that has 8 cores and 16 threads. Intel is getting far too big for its britches since most Windows applications that we use on a daily basis are not optimized for multi core usage apart from video or audio editing.
That said, 16 GB of ram is beyond sufficient for someone who is simply doing office and web browsing tasks. In 6 years it may become equal to the 4 GB we have now, but generally with a fast NVME solid state drive you're going to do just fine regardless of i3, i5 or i7. An i5 is a nice compromise though and I'd certainly recommend at least that versus the i3. An i7 and mechanical drive is going to be a heck of a lot slower overall than an i3 with that fast ssd. These 8th and 9th generation Intel processors are already ridiculously fast and we're at an age when programs need to become optimized to take advantage of the power we have rather than the opposite.

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More info on the Processor please: I am assuming I9 is a typo as I3, I5 and I7 are what I am used to seeing. Then there are differences between various I5 processors. I7 is for 3D video games and video editing and
I5 is more for business PC's like what we do. I have a 8th gen I5 K witch is an unlocked processor that can be ran at any speed I choose.
Currently I am running it at 4.0GHz. I have ran it as high as 4.3GHz.
But without water cooling in this rig I was worried about overheating although I didn't see any.

I3 is for cheap entry level PC's. Dont bother with them.

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Hello all.
Looking to purchase a new dell laptop computer. Here are the specs:
I9 processor
16 GB ram
256 GB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

I would like this computer to last me about six years. Are all of these specs acceptable for running JFW? Is there anything else that I should make certain a new laptop has for JFW use?
Appreciate any advise.

Thank you-

Don't forget about a usb keyboard just in case your laptop doesn't have a full keyboard layout semular to a desktop system would but also check to see if the ram could be upgraded to 64gb ram of course. Remember you still have to allow jaws to have a significant amount of ram to run in the background while other processes are going on.

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