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Ann Byrne

We have put together a mixer which hears both JAWS and the phone, allowing a person to speak to the phone without hearing JAWS at all. it works beautifully with a lap top computer on battery. when we plug in the computer, though, the whole thing looses its perspective. You can make a phone call, but the guy on the receiving end can't hear it. I have no idea why plugging in destroys the stinkin' mix, but it sure as the world does. If he could just use a lap top on battery, that would work.


At 01:45 PM 8/25/2019, you wrote:
The concern is the caller being able to hear jaws when they communicate with
this individual. If this is the result when both speak on the same side,
then the employer surely will have a problem with this. The only other
option would be braille display for the individual when still being able to
hear the caller undisturbed.

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Here is the problem: we don't know what the final situation will be. He is
looking for a job in customer service. He needs to be able to demonstrate
that he can do the job with ... something. No vision and one ear is hard to
sell, unless of course he can point to a configured device and show how it
will work, perhaps with any system.

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