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Glenn / Lenny

What affects a computer in opening programs is not all that RAM and processor, it is how new it is.
As we install programs, Windows the operating system slows down.
Just remember how fast our current computer was when it was new.
If folks want a fast machine, keep one with very little installed on it and use another one for all the apps.
Mark my words, you can get a fast processor, tons of RAM, and in a year, it too will be slow, unless you don't install a bunch of programs on it.
Or you can save your critical data from the one you have, and restore it to factory new and start over with it.

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Hi all,

Until recently, I always bought computers with i5 processors but I find they often lag and Outlook seems to open and close itself regularly, which is very annoying!

I usually have several docs and several apps open at the same time so a couple of weeks ago I bought a laptop with an I7 processor and 16 gb ram. It seems to be working well with minimal lags.

I was considering Dell Latitude and the Lenovo models but they didn't have all the keys on the keyboard. None of the Lenovo models had an apps key and I can't remember which key Dell didn't have.

In the end I settled for The ruggedised HP ProBook 640 G4 with 16GB RAM and upgraded warranty. It has an I7 processor, 16 gb ram, 512 gb SSD storage, 15 hours battery life, NVDIA graphics card, and all the keys (except a numpad which I don't need anyway).

It's a little heavier than I was hoping for at 1.8 kg but I'm willing to sacrifice the weight for a long battery life and an independent graphics card. NVDIA and AMD are apparently the only two independent graphics cards that work well with Jaws. I specifically wanted an independent graphics card in order to free up the processor so I can do the things I need to do with minimal lags.

I use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook (Including calendar), and whatever else I need to work with and can access. I also test websites and some accessibility ttools, though I haven't found any that I like yet.

I feel like I'm writing for a job application. Lol! But I hope this helps you, Andrew, in your decision for a new laptop. Good luck.

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That was going to be my comment as well, if all you do is run Windows 10 and maybe Office and you mostly store documents and not thousands and thousands of pictures or, even worse, videos there is probably no need for anything larger. Having said this when it comes to price and what you get for it a 500Gb or, as some manufacturers specify, a 512Gb SSD seems to be in the sweet spot right now.

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The suggestion about a 500 GB SSD is totally subjective.
I've seen folks who never use more than 80 to 10 GB of their HD.
Too often people think bigger is better and that is not always the case.
Also, when you look at all the high specs, what are you doing with it all?
I mean, I'll bet 90% of us here don't do any more than read eMail, open some web pages, open a spread sheet program once in a while, and listen to some
MP3 audio.
All this can be done with 10 year old technology just fine.
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A tech told me anything over 8 Gigs of ram is too much. I think he was
dipping into some sort of sauce. I received what I was told was a
refurbished Win 10 computer with 250 Gs hard drive. It turned out to
be a windows 7 originally and you could make dinner by the time it booted up.
Thus, I agree with Feliciano.

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I suggest you upgrade to a 512 GB solid-state drive.

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On Aug 24, 2019, at 9:21 PM, Andrew Diederick

Hello all.
Looking to purchase a new dell laptop computer. Here are the specs:
I9 processor
16 GB ram
256 GB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

I would like this computer to last me about six years. Are all of
specs acceptable for running JFW? Is there anything else that I should
make certain a new laptop has for JFW use?
Appreciate any advise.

Thank you-

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