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in my experience, it's painfully slow in responding to keystrokes (aside
of expiring after 40 minutes) when JAWS has not been authorized.

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Date: Sunday, August 25, 2019, 4:37 AM
Subject: RestoringtJaws access


Even though JAWS is running in Demo Mode , you have access to all its
functions and features during the 40 minute demo.


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Sent from my iPhone hello Group,
Recently I had some issues with my PC which required a complete
reinstallation of windows and the maintenance of other issues.
After bringing it home today I attempted to open Jaws which ended up
being limited to a 40 minute trial mode. As I do not have my
authorization number written down, I probably will not have access to
Jaws until I make contact with freedom scientific this Monday.
In the meantime is there a way that I can access Jaws and itp’s  Full
I would appreciate any and all assistance.
Best, Justin


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