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On Sat, Aug 24, 2019 at 07:08 PM, Jed Barton wrote:
That's certainly interesting. It does
make it confusing for sure.
I, truly, cannot imagine what it's like for screen reader users faced with the continuous changes to web coding that have gone on for years and show no sign of stopping.

No matter how quickly screen reader makers integrate access to what shakes out as "gonna stick around" after a short time, the next round of "let's come up with something else, that doesn't do anything all that much different than established method X, just for the fun of it" occurs.    There are times, and from what I can see on this page as a sighted user, and how that search box works, this would be a major improvement if the screen reader and web object/control played well together, which clearly they do not at the moment.  Maybe eventually they will.

This is one reason, when it's readily available, that I tell my clients not to hesitate to seek sighted assistance when something just isn't working.   You can often spend hours and hours, getting more and more [justifiably] frustrated, and still not achieve the end you're looking for.   The control/object in question was entirely new to me, too, but being able to see what was happening and what the screen reader was/was not doing in response to it made all the difference.  It's about accomplishing something with the minimum of time and trouble possible, which often involves calling for help (whether sighted or not, as this group illustrates on a regular basis).

If you do the above every two seconds, that's when people eventually come at you with knives!  ;-)


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