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Tyler Wood

If I may make one huge suggestion.
If it is at all possible to bring that down to a core i7 or i5, you can save
yourself quite a chunk of money and upgrade the ssd with hardly any loss in
overall performance. Don't believe the marketing hype from Intel and other
manufacturers - the i9 is far too expensive to make it worth it.
The i9 processor is often times slower at single core performance (which is
what is done 99% of the time) than a comparably equipped i7 or i5 since it
produces tons more heat at those higher clock speed and most machines can't
handle that thermal envelope.
The i7 will last you 6 years - that in and of itself is a 6 core, 12 thread
monster of a processor that puts most older desktops to shame, let alone
laptops. Remember that most things, including jaws, use, for the most part,
one core (or thread, in this case). The i9 may have 8 cores and 16 threads,
but according to several sources even when it is maxed out, the i7 is
overall quicker simply because of either processor temperature reaching
maximum (100 C) or thermal designed power limit, 45 wats.
I just purchased a Lenovo thinkpad x1 extreme. It is beautifully,
blisteringly, wonderfully fast and is equipped with the i7-8750h. I could
have easily gotten the i5 and been happy. If you're looking for long term,
though, the i7 is a very nice compromise and will last you for years. The i9
is about 5-10% faster overall and simply is not worth the price. Jaws will
scream no matter which you choose and be ridiculously fast.

Sorry for the long message. I just wanted to make you aware. This may not
even effect you personally if you don't do much with the machine - but it's
certainly worth taking note of, especially with a high cost investment. I'd
like to see you get your moneys worth.

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Hello all.
Looking to purchase a new dell laptop computer. Here are the specs:
I9 processor
16 GB ram
256 GB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

I would like this computer to last me about six years. Are all of these
specs acceptable for running JFW? Is there anything else that I should make
certain a new laptop has for JFW use?
Appreciate any advise.

Thank you-

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