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Jed Barton

so when i am going through this form, after the zipcode, there is an
edit box, after that, it says black down pointing small triangle.
What the hell is that supposed to mean. so i depress the enter key.
Then as i am arrowing through the states, they just look like words.
So i get to rhode island and depress the enter key. Then it says
starting microsoft edge.
Why would it launch edge, i'm not even running edge, i'm running
firefox. What am i missing here guys. I have to get this form filled
out this weekend.



On 8/24/19, Jed Barton <> wrote:
so i have no idea how to interact with this. I can't believe someone
would design a web page like this. When i hit the enter button on the
edit box, it makes like a beep sound like it's going into forms mode.
Then when i hit alt and down arrow, it sounds like it's coming out off
forms mode.
I arrow down to Rhode Island, depress the enter key, and it keeps
telling me something about edge, like it's launching the edge web
browser. Now i'm really confused. Any help guys?

On 8/24/19, Jed Barton <> wrote:
ok, what is waterfox? I'm using firefox

On 8/24/19, dennis <> wrote:
after it says state there is a blank line. press enter to activate forms
mode. press alt plus down arrow like you would open a dialog box. then
down and up arrow till you find your state and press enter. i'm using
jaws and waterfox. hope this helps.

On 8/24/2019 4:29 PM, Jed Barton wrote:

Hey guys
So i am trying to apply for a position, but am running into an issue
with their web page.
So i can fill out most of the form, until i get to the state. It
comes up as an edit box, but it also looks like it's a dropdown to
select a state. I don't understand why people don't use combo boxes
the way they are supposed to.
Can someone look at it, to figure out how i am supposed to enter the
state, cause i can't submit the form.

Dennis Cornelison


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