moderated Unable to move into different email folders

Don Walls

This past week my server was disrupted and customers did not have access to send or receive emails.  Mine was out for almost eight days.  Near the end of the disruption, a tech support person working for my server guided me through how to get to emails via website.  I found I could arrow up and down the lengthy list of new emails but very slowly.  I had trouble opening an email, then the process seemed to freeze.  I may have changed a setting as I floundered.  Now, if I wish to arrow down from my In folder to the Deleted folder or another, it seems that JAWS won’t enter the desired folder.  If I close my Windows Live Mail, then bring it up again, I’m sitting in the desired folder and can move around it and enter emails.  If I then try to arrow up to my In folder, again I can’t get into it without closing WLM and then bringing it up again.  Any suggestions on how I can correct this problem?
Thanks for any help.

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