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Hi, Dave.
Sentimental lug that I am, I still have my first computer with Vocal-Eyes 3.0 and the Sounding Board sound card.
Sounding Board has an awesome feature that not only allows me to set the punctuation pause length, but the interval between words. When I used V-E, I was able to crank the voice rate waaaay up without words smearing together.
Flor Lynch has given me the idea of experimenting with different punctuation marks and possibly adding spaces in the dictionary entries. Meanwhile, Vocalizer Expressive's Nathan and Zowie at least pause on punctuation. Looks like they break hard for links and hallucinations as well, though. I'm a big fan of Eloquence, so I'll not give it up without trying anything and everything.
Lou N.

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Hello there:
In JAWS for DOS, there was a feature, where you could set a parameter for comma, period/full stop, Exclamation mark, etc. By increasing or decreasing the parameter for each punctuation symbol you could vary the pause length for each symbol, thus giving you better structure to the text you were reading.
I have often asked why this feature has never been included in JAWS for Windows. 
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Subject: Esoteric punctuation question.

Hi, folks.
I decided to get serious about learning JFW. Lots of interesting discoveries, and, a few puzzles.
Here is one. I noticed that with or without punctuation spoken, JAWS kind of rushes past what I consider to be normal length punctuation pause intervals. With Window-Eyes, I was able to put a period character after char.chr dictionary entries, thereby increasing the pause interval. This does not work with the JAWS Eloquence voice, however. To my question.
Is there a setting in JAWS to adjust punctuation pause intervals?
Thank you in advance for your help,
Lou N.

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