moderated JAWS 2019 not reading numbers properly


Dear Listers,
When reading numbers seperated by commas, JAWS will speak the digits before & after the comma as if they were seperate sets. For example, when reading 7,000 it will read 7 & 000 with a small pause in between instead of reading it as seven thousand. This happens only in Microsoft Word & not in Wordpad, Windows Live Mail or in browsers.
I am using JAWS 2019 on a Windows 10 machine with Office 2016. Also, this problem does not happen when using JAWS 18 on the same machine.
Kindly advise how I can stop JAWS from speaking the digits before & after the comma as seperate sets of digits.
Thanking all in advance for any assistance.
Mr. Sameer Latey
Mulund, Mumbai

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