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for me, as crazy as it sounds, I am useing jaws 11, xp, windows office 2007, and IE7, skype 3.8, skype talking, and windows messenger 4.67, and never had a real problem
hmm, don't know, go figure, LOLOL

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Well not sure about that, please can you tell me what versions you are using.


At 05:18 AM 7/14/2011 +0200, you wrote:
Oh! ; who should laugh at enquirer but the rude.
Yes ; you can use the messenger programmes conveniently with JAWS ;
according to my very personal experience ; msn is functioning the best
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On 7/14/11, Cal <> wrote:
Please don't laugh at me because I honestly don't know, but can you use
messenger programs with JAWS and, if so, which ones work the best? Thanks
in advance.
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